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  1. Click the required EML number from the EML Management page.

  2. Click Import Price List Import_price_list and select the .XLSX file.

    • The .XLSX file needs to have the following header row items: EML Number, Category 1 Code, Category 1 Description, Category 2 Code, Category 2 Description, Category 3 Code, Category 3 Description, Category 4 Code, Category 4 Description, Category 5 Code, Category 5 Description, Category 6 Code, Category 6 Description, Price Code, Description, Shipment Phase, MOT Code, HLO Criteria, Tag Number, Tag Description, Geographical Area, Country of Loading, Port of Loading, Country of Discharge, Port of Discharge, Container Type, Container Provider, Container Out of Gauge, Truck Type, Price Base, Base Unit, Unit Rate, Base Unit 2, Currency, Grace Period, Range, Minimum, Minimum Chargeable.

    • Mandatory columns are : Category 1 Code, Category 1 Description, Shipment Phase, MOT Code, HLO Criteria, Price Code, Description, Price Base, Base Unit, Unit Rate, and Currency.

    • While it is fine if there is no corresponding data for some of the optional header row items, there should not be any blank data row in the spreadsheet. If there is any blank data row, all the price list data after that data row is ignored during the import process.

  3. Click Save.

    • You can only import a price list for EMLs that are assigned with a freight forwarder.

    • After importing a price list, you can no longer modify the freight forwarder (in the Company box) for that EML

    • The worksheet must be named pricecodes for the import process to happen.

    • Ensure that no extra space remains in any column header, otherwise that column data will not be imported.

    • If you face any decimal related issue while importing, perform the below steps.

      1. Select the Unit Rate column

      2. Click the Data tab and click Text to Columns.

      3. Select Delimited and click Next.

      4. Select Tab in the Delimiters section, clear any other delimiters if selected, and click Next.

      5. Under the column Data Format, select Text and click Finish

      6. Repeat the above steps for Minimum Chargeable column as well.

    • While importing you must use Microsoft Excel version 2016 or above. Otherwise the application might crash..