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The company type describes the business of the company.

If a parent company was entered, it appears in the Parent Company box.

The project context text can be used as search criteria or when filtering the suppliers.

  1. (Optional) Select the Project Supplier indicator to define the supplier as a project supplier for the current project, which is displayed in the Project box. This implies that the supplier cannot be selected as project supplier in other projects.

    Project Supplier and Project are only considered if project default ZP_PROJSUP is set to Y.

  2. Use the option selected from the drop-down list in the Allowed For box to specify how the supplier can be used in Smart Materials.

    The available options are:

    Agreements - This supplier can be assigned to agreements and inquiries.

    Inquiries - This supplier can only be assigned to inquiries, and he cannot be used to create agreements.

    None - You cannot use this sup plier for agreements or for inquiries.

  3. Click Country Code LOVButton and select the supplier's country.

  4. Select the Approved check box to indicate that the supplier has been approved.

    • Depending on the setting of project default ZP_SUP_NA, only approved suppliers are available on the Agreements screen. If ZP_SUP_NA is set to N (default), only approved suppliers can be selected. If this project default is set to Y, suppliers that are not approved are also available.

    • You need the ALLOW SUPPLIER APPROVAL privilege to select the Approved check box.

    • The Approved Date is automatically set with the current date when you select the Approved check box.