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Customize status

The agreement status appears in the Status column.

The status is identified by the CIP function M_PCK_PO_CUSTOM.GET_PO_STATUS. This function has the primary key of the agreement (poh_id) as an input parameter and returns the agreement status (m_type_status) with the following information:

  • Status, for example, Delayed or Approved.

  • Color in which the status is displayed on the tree. For example, red, green, or blue.

  • Priority. The priority specifies the hierarchy of the status display in ascending order. For example, priority 1 is displayed at the top of the tree, priority 2 underneath, and so forth.

The standard CIP delivered with the software retrieves the following values:

  • Closed, green, priority 9 - the agreement is closed

  • Acknowledged, brown, priority 8 - the agreement is acknowledged by expediting

  • Issued, purple, priority 7 - the agreement is issued

  • Approved, black, priority 6 - the agreement is approved

  • Pending Approval, blue, priority 5 - the agreement is not approved, but Ready for Approval is selected and an approval sequence is assigned to the agreement

  • Ready for approval, plum, priority 4 - the agreement is ready for approval, but an approval sequence is not assigned to the agreement

  • TE Passed, orange, priority 3 - the agreement line items passed the technical evaluation

  • Open, black, priority 2 – a status has not yet been set

  • Delayed, red, priority 1 - the agreement is not approved and the (agreement creation date - current date) is greater than 14 days

All agreements that do not fulfill any of these requirements appear without any status on the screen.

For more information see Customer-installed procedure (CIP) Tasks.