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What happens when I invite a supplier to submit PPLs for an agreement?

When you invite a supplier to submit PPLs for an agreement, the supplier can create PPLs and preliminary packages for that agreement and submit the PPLs to you for your consideration. Unless you invite the supplier, the supplier cannot create PPLs for that agreement.

  1. Select Traffic from the Tasks list.

  2. Select Agreements from the list under Traffic Coordination.

  3. Click the agreement number.

  4. Click Invite Supplier.

    For an agreement, you can invite the supplier only once. After that the Invite Supplier button gets inactive.

  5. Select the Ownership to Supplier check box for the PPLs that you want the supplier to work on.

  6. In the To box, enter the name of the supplier users whom you want to send the invitation email.

  7. If required, type a comment for the supplier in the Comments box.

  8. Click Invite.

    SHARED Tip At any point you can send a note about the agreement to the supplier by clicking Send Comments.

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