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How can I quickly find out how many packing lists are delivered for a given EML?

The EML Details tab displays this information in the Summary of Phases section. This section shows:

  • PPLs planned for an EML.

  • Forecasted packing lists and PPLs

  • Packing lists for which shipment has started.

  • Packing lists that are already delivered.

  • Volume, weight, freight ton, and transport cost associated with each phase.

  • Packing lists that have been completely received at the site.

  • Packing lists that have been partially received at the site.

  1. From the EML Management page, click the EML. The EML related information is displayed on the EML Details tab.

    • You can view the details for each phase in the Summary of Phases section.

    • Details for PPLs that are not yet covered are shown in Forecast phase.

    • After a packing list is assigned to a shipment, its details are included in the Shipment in Progress phase.

  2. Click the Price Codes tab to view the price codes applicable for the EML.

    • By default, the price codes appear in a flat view. Click Tree View Tree_view to view the price code categories in a tree structure.

    • You can click View from the Assigned To column to view all the PPLs, packing lists, packages, and shipments to which the price code has been assigned.

  3. Click the PPLs tab to view the PPLs (and associated details) assigned to the EML.

  4. Click the Packing Lists tab to view the packing lists 9and associated details) assigned to this EML.

  5. Click the Shipments tab to view the shipments associated with this EML.This tab also shows the total transport cost for pre-shipments, main shipments, and post shipments.