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All information about the supplier or subcontractor who is assigned to the agreement is displayed on the Supplier tab.

  1. Click Supplier on the category panel.

  2. Click Supplier LOVButton and select the name of the supplier or subcontractor to be assigned to this agreement.

  3. Click Contact LOVButton and select the contact person in the supplier's company.

  4. Click Manufacturer LOVButton and select the name of the supplier's manufacturer. This information is not available for subcontract agreements.

  5. Click Country LOVButton and select the name of the supplier's country.

  6. Click Save.

  7. If the agreement is issued, you can rate the supplier's performance for this agreement in the Performance Score box.

    The possible performance score values are:








    Below Average




    Above average



Update supplier information

You can update the supplier information if the agreement has the following criteria:

  • It is not approved.

  • It is not a purchase order that has been created from a notice of commitment.

  • It is a manually created purchase order (without a requisition) but no blanket order has been assigned.

  • It is not based on a bid unless you have the CHANGE SUPPLIER privilege.

  • It is not a corporate warehouse agreement or a FIM warehouse agreement.

The setting of project default ZP_CHSUPCO controls whether the supplier can be updated on a change order (CO). If this project default is set to Y (default), a supplier can be changed even on a CO. If this project default is set to N, you can change the supplier on the base (or first) supplement but not on higher supplements of type CO.

When the supplier is changed, the addresses assigned to the agreement are deleted and the supplier's address for the address type used as the default for agreements is assigned to the agreement instead. Additionally, the entries for the contact person and the supplier's manufacturer are deleted. You can select new values for the new supplier from the select lists in the Contact and Manufacturer boxes. Properties that have been assigned to the old supplier will be replaced with those of the new supplier.

If you update the supplier on a change order, all the changes with respect to addresses, contacts, manufacturer, and properties are only applied to the current supplement. But the supplier is replaced on all supplements of the current agreement cycle.