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To enhance the performance of Expediting export and import, we strongly recommend applying the following changes to the default template (or create your own template following these guidelines):

  • Do not use the Freeze Pane feature in Excel with the template file, because this has definitely a significant negative impact on the performance.

  • The sheets RN (displays release notes), IRC (displays inspection release certificates), MCS (displays material certificate summaries), and HEAT (displays heat numbers) are optional. If you do not export/import RN, IRC, MCS, and/or HEAT data, remove the corresponding sheet(s) from the template, to significantly enhance the performance of the export/import.

  • Data fields not required for the export/import can be omitted.

    The following fields must always be included on the ISH sheet: #SPLIT#, #ISH_POLI_POS#, #ISH_POLI_SUB_POS#, #ISH_POS#, #ISH_SUB_POS#, #ISH_REVISION_ID#.

  • If a field is required for the export, but should not be considered by the import, mark it as *FIELD* instead of #FIELD# in the template, to increase the performance of the import.

  • If you want to export only part of the item shipments of an agreement, filter the item shipments you want to export, select the Export filtered data option. Only the selected item shipments will be exported, which could have a significant impact on the performance.