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The Supplier > Supplier Details tab is only enabled if you select a supplier.

What is a supplier?

In Smart Materials, a supplier is a company that has a company type assigned which is marked as supplier.

  1. Click the Companies task on the dashboard or select Companies from the Tasks list.

  2. Select a supplier.

    If the company has multiple suppliers assigned, use the dropdown list top right to select a supplier and view the corresponding data.

  3. Click the Supplier tab.

    The Supplier Details section is displayed, with the city, state, zip code, country, and phone number of the supplier.

    The company address that was defined with the Supplier Default address type is displayed, the telephone number defined with communication type PHONE, and the web address defined with communication type WEB.

  4. Click the supplier's web address to display their homepage in a browser window.

    Additional supplier information that are displayed:

    • The date when the supplier was registered in Smart Materials.

    • The supplier's status (approved, active, or inactive.) In case of approved, the approval date is also displayed.

    • The first name, last name, telephone number, and email address of the supplier's primary contact.

      The email address defined with the default communication type is shown.

    • If the supplier's performance has been assessed, the rating is represented by one to five stars with the following meaning:

      1 - poor

      2 - below average

      3 - average

      4 - above average

      5 - excellent

  5. Click the email address to send an email to the supplier's primary contact.

On the right side of Supplier Details, you can: