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Additional costs may be incurred in connection with the delivery of materials or the provision of service, the so-called other costs. Pre-defined other costs can be attached to inquiries/quotes by the bidder or buyer, or to agreements by the buyer.

  1. In the Master Data navigation panel, select Procurement > Other Costs.

  2. Click Add Other Cost Com_Add ICON.

  3. If required, change the Discipline.

  4. Type a unique code in the Other Cost cell.

  5. Optionally, click Account Code Com_LOV_Add ICON and select a value.

    You can only enter account codes if project default ZJ_USE_AC is set to N.

  6. Select Default if this other cost shall automatically be assigned to an inquiry when the inquiry is created.

  7. Type the other cost description in the Short Description and Description cells.

  8. To deactivate and hide this other cost from the Portal, clear the Portal check box.

  9. Click Save.

Other costs can only be deleted if they are not used anywhere.