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To maintain milestone dates of planned tagged items or planned requisitions in a data grid, you can view a milestone summary by milestone set.

The milestone summary does not consider any supplements.

  1. Click the Planning task on the dashboard, or select Planning from the Tasks list.

  2. Select Group By - Milestone Set from the drop-down list on top of the left navigation panel.

  3. Select the milestone set for that you want to view the summary.

    All planning items assigned to the set are displayed in a grid, with planned, forecasted, and actual dates for all milestones.

    • A completed milestone (actual date is set) is highlighted with in the Status column.

    • A milestone with critical delay (the actual date is not set, and the planned date is in the past) is highlighted with Com_Attention ICON in the Status column.

    • The actual date is highlighted with Com_Attention ICON if it exceeds the deadline (planned and/or forecasted date).

  4. Select a planning item, and edit the dates as required.

  5. Click the planning item in the first cell to view the planning item details.

    You can change the read-only state of a date in the milestone planning (see Edit milestone planning).