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Smart Materials/Smart Reference Data Version

Smart Materials Portal provides suppliers and subcontractors the ability to register their company and continuously edit their qualifications, submitting bids and, once an agreement is issued, executing agreements. The Portal also facilitates interactive communications, and submitting and administrating subcontracts on projects.

  1. Click the Companies task on the dashboard or select Companies from the Tasks list.

  2. Select Login Requests from the drop-down list.

    All companies with a login request are displayed with RFI (Request For Information) Status, Company Name, Company code, and Submitted, Approved and Open RFIs indicators.

    The RFI Status column is only displayed if any of the companies has a pending RFI, which is indicated by the Attention Com_Customer_Mail ICON icon.

    SHARED Tip Click Com_Filter ICON in any column to filter the companies.

  3. Do any of the following: