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Are the packages in a shipment always shipped together?

It depends on the means of conveyance (MOC) that you define for the shipment. If a shipment has Rail or Truck defined as MOC, then the packages can be shipped at different times in different trucks or wagons. For all other MOCs, the packages in a shipment must be shipped together.

  1. Select Traffic from the Tasks list.

  2. Click Shipments.

  3. Click Create Shipment Com_Add ICON.

  4. (Optional) Select the EML Number for which you want to create a shipment.

    By default, an EML is selected based on the value of the project default ZP_EML_SHP.

  5. Select the packing lists that you want to include in the shipment.

    • Only the approved packing lists with an assigned Release to Forwarder date are displayed. If ZP_LNK_MOC is set to 'Y', additionally a MOC Code has to be assigned to the packing list for it to be included in a shipment.

    • If you have SKIP PACKING PROCESS privilege, you can click Add Release Notes to prepare any release note for shipment. When you select a release note and click Prepare for Shipment, the system automatically completes the packing list approval process and releases the release note/packing list to the freight forwarder, so the release note appears in the Create Shipment page. These release notes are assigned to the default EML, but if you want you can change that.

    • M_PCK_TRAFFIC_CUSTOM.CREATE_RELN_PCK CIP is used to provide required inputs (like package name, EML name, so on) for preparing the release note for shipment.

    • Collection Point and Ready date must be provided to prepare a release note for shipment.

      SHARED Tip You can also expand a packing list and select specific packages to include in the shipment.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Type a shipment number in the Shipment Number box.

    • Shipment number is generated automatically, if the project default, ZP_AUTOSHP is set to Y.

  8. Select the means of transport from the Means of Conveyance box.

  9. Enter the Departure Point and the ETD of the shipment.

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