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Intergraph Smart Materials Help (10.1)

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  1. ClickCom_Filter ICON to open the filter dialog box.

  2. To change the display order, select a Sorting option.

  3. Select check boxes for the items that should appear in the tree.

  4. Select an operator from the Show rows with value that drop-down list.

  5. Enter a string in the text field.

  6. Click CaseButton to make the filter case sensitive.

    SHARED Tip To add an additional search criterion, select And or Or from the next list. If you select And, both criteria must match to display a record. If you select Or, one of the two criteria must match. Then select an operator from the next drop-down list, and enter a string in the text field.

  7. Click Filter to apply the filter.

  8. To remove the filter, click Clear Filter.