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Can I have multiple pre-shipments for a package or packing list?

Yes, you can have multiple pre-shipments for a package or packing list.

Do the pre-shipments always need to arrive at the departure point of the main shipment?

No, not necessarily. However, if a pre-shipment arrives at a different place, then its packages need to be picked up by other pre-shipments to ultimately deliver them to the departure point of the main shipment. When you create a pre-shipment, you have an option to include packages from other pre-shipments that have not yet reached the departure point of the main shipment.

Remember, that you need to ensure that all the packages reach the departure point of the main shipment via one or multiple pre-shipments. In case, some packages do not reach the departure point then the pre-shipment dates are ignored by the application and the RMS (Routing Method Schedule) for the corresponding item shipments are not updated with the pre-shipment dates.

  1. Select Traffic from the Tasks list.

  2. Click Shipments.

  3. Click the shipment for which you want to create a pre-shipment.

  4. Click the Pre-Shipments tab.

  5. Click Create Pre-Shipment Com_Add ICON.

  6. (Optional) Select the existing pre-shipments that you want to be included in the new pre-shipment and click Next.

  7. Select the packing lists that you want to include in the pre-shipment.

    You can also expand a packing list and select specific packages to include in the pre-shipment.

  8. Click Next.

  9. Select the means of transport from the Means of Conveyance box.

    • The options that appear in the Means of Conveyance box, might vary depending on the packages selected in the step 5.

    • Depending on the means of conveyance selected, you might have to enter additional information on this page. For example, if you select Truck, you have to enter the truck number.

  10. Click Next.

  11. On the Schedule Shipping page, enter the estimated departure and arrival dates (ETD and ETA) for each destination.

    The last row on the Schedule Shipping page is read-only.

  12. Select the final unloading point and click Save.

    • You can enter the actual departure and arrival dates (ATD and ATA) when you know the actual dates.

    • When the pre-shipment needs to be collected from multiple locations, you can change the order of those locations by clicking the Move Up and Move Down arrows on the Schedule Shipping page.

    • You can enter specific details about a destination in the Precise Location box.

    • To delete a pre-shipment, select it and click Delete Pre-Shipment ICON Remove. However, if the ATD of a pre-shipment is entered, it cannot be deleted. If the ATD is entered for the main shipment (at shipment level or truck/wagon level) then the corresponding pre-shipments cannot be deleted.