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  1. Select Traffic from the Tasks list.

  2. Select Agreements from the list under Traffic Coordination.

  3. Click View from the View PLs/PPLs column for the required agreement.

  4. Click Add PPL Com_Add ICON.

  5. Type a PPL number in the PPL Number box.

  6. Click Save and Continue.

  7. Enter the PPL details and click Save. You can also create preliminary packages from this page.

    • You can also create a PPL for an engineering requisition or a planned requisition. For that, you have to select Engineering Requisition or Planned Requisition from the list under Traffic Coordination and follow similar steps.

    • If an engineering requisition is only for inquiry then it is not available in traffic. However, the planned requisition is still available in such cases and can be used to create a PPL.

    • If an engineering requisition is for purchase, then the corresponding planned requisition no longer appears in traffic after the release of the engineering requisition. The engineering requisition can be used for creating PPL.

    • Number of Packages, Total Volume, Total Gross Weight, and Total Freight Ton are automatically calculated based on the preliminary packages data in the PPL.

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