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Can I have multiple post-shipments for a package?

Yes, you can have multiple post-shipments for a package or packing list.

When should I link a post-shipment to another post-shipment?

There might be situations, when a post-shipment does not go to the final destination of its packages. In such cases, those packages need to be picked up by other post-shipments to deliver them ultimately to their final destination. While creating a post-shipment, if you include another post-shipment, you basically indicate that the new post-shipment must pick up packages from the included post-shipment from its arrival point.

  1. Click the shipment for which you want to create a post-shipment.

  2. Click the Post-Shipments tab.

  3. Click Create Post-Shipment Com_Add ICON.

  4. Select Link to Main Shipment, if you want the post shipment to pick packages from the main shipment. Otherwise, select Link to Existing Post Shipments and select the required post-shipments.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the packing lists that you want to include in the post-shipment.

    You can also expand a packing list and select specific packages to include in the post-shipment.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Select the means of transport from the Means of Conveyance box.

    • The options that appear in the Means of Conveyance box, might vary depending on the packages selected in the step 5.

    • Depending on the means of conveyance (MOC) selected, you might have to enter additional information on this page. For example, if you select Truck, you have to enter the truck number.

  9. Click Next.

  10. If the post-shipment needs to deliver packages to more than one place, click Add Shipping Schedule add_package_item to add a row for each delivery designation.

    SHARED Tip You can click Delete Shipping Schedule ICON Remove to delete a delivery designation.

  11. Enter the estimated departure and arrival dates (ETD and ETA) for each destination.

    • You can enter the actual departure and arrival dates (ATD and ATA) when you know the actual dates.

    • When the post-shipment needs to reach multiple locations, you can change the order of those locations by clicking the Move Up and Move Down arrows. However, you cannot move the first and last rows which contain the starting point and the final destination of the post shipment.

    • You can enter specific details about a destination in the Precise Location box.

  12. To delete a post-shipment, select it and click Delete Post-ShipmentICON Remove . However, if the ATD of a post-shipment is entered, it cannot be deleted.