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What is the difference between shipping invoices and invoice attachments?

Shipping invoices are generally created by suppliers and used for the customs purpose. Invoice attachments are created by freight forwarders and include the shipment cost.

  1. Select Traffic from the Tasks list.

  2. Click Freight Invoices. All the invoice attachments and credit notes are displayed on the Invoice Attachments tab.

  3. Select an invoice attachment row to view its price codes and transport cost.

    For information on transport cost, see How is cost calculated after a price code is assigned to a transport object?

  4. Click an invoice attachment to view more details about the price codes. You can compare the Total Invoiced Amount with the Total Budgeted Amount from this page. You can also view the corresponding monthly invoice number.

    SHARED Tip If you have any question or comment for the freight forwarder regarding an invoice attachment, you can click Chat with Freight Forwarder and send a message.