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  1. Open the Piping Specification.xls workbook.

  2. Select the InsideSurfaceTreatment sheet.

  3. Select a row after the Start keyword but before the End keyword, and click Insert > Row.

  4. In the Spec Name column, type the name of your piping materials class.

  5. In the Nominal Piping Diameter From column, type the nominal pipe diameter (NPD) that specifies the start of the treatment range.

  6. In the Nominal Piping Diameter To column, type the NPD that specifies the end of the treatment range.

  7. In the Nominal Piping Diameter Units column, type the units for the NPDs. For example, type mm or in.

  8. In the Inside Surface Treatment column, type the interior surface treatment code that you want to use for the defined NPD range.

  9. Save the Piping Specification.xls workbook.

  • The piping materials class must be defined on the PipingMaterialsClassData sheet.

  • The valid interior surface treatment codes are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the InteriorSurfaceTreatment sheet in the Codelist Number column.

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