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This section describes all the major tools and commands used to manage catalog and reference data changes.

Bulkload Utility

Bulkload allows you to load changes from spreadsheets into the catalog database. Select Add, modify, or delete records in existing catalog to modify existing data in the catalog. See Bulkload Utility in the Smart 3D Reference Data Help.

Verify Consistency Report Command

Tools > Verify Consistency Report Command checks the piping specification rules and the required data to place the part occurrences. After the consistency check completes, the software generates a report detailing the discrepancies.

Verify Consistency Report DB

Catalog Checker Utility

Catalog Checker assesses how changes made to the specification rules and part data in the catalog impact the 3D model. See Smart 3D downloads in the PPM Smart Community site.

Synchronize Model with Catalog Command

Synchronize Model with Catalog Command in Project Management updates all objects in the model database with all catalog changes, such as part definition, specification, rules, and symbol definition changes. For example, in a GWS configuration, you need to update the To Do List with items at satellite locations. We recommend that you select Mark out-of-date occurrences as shown below.

Synchronize Model with Catalog DB

Synchronize Workspace Command

The Synchronize Workspace with Catalog Command in Project Management updates selected out-of-date objects in the model with all changes from the catalog. If no objects are selected, then the command searches and updates all out-of-date objects in the workspace.

Synchronize Workspace DB

To Do List

The To Do List Command in Common shows objects in the workspace that have inconsistent data. The Note column describes the problem.

To Do List DB

Update Custom Symbol Configuration Command

The Update Custom Symbol Configuration Command in Project Management updates the CustomSymbolConfig.xml file, which contains the ProgID, CLSID, and dll name for each custom symbol. Smart 3D uses this file to find the symbol dll when the software creates the symbol definition object for the first time in the model database.

Update Custom Symbol Configuration DB

Smart 3D Schema Browser

Smart 3D Schema Browser allows you to check the success of an intended schema change and diagnose problems with the catalog schema. This tool is located at [Product Folder]\Core\Tools\Administrator\Bin\MetaDataBrowser.exe. See Using the Schema Browser.

Schema Browser DB