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By following these tasks, you can define the rules, or options, needed to use welded connections in your piping specification.

Define Field Fit Lengths

Specify the extra length of pipe to add for field welding. For more information, see Define Field Fit Lengths.

Define the Weld Model Representation

Define the rules for displaying welds in the model. For more information, see Define Weld Model Representation Rules.

Define Weld Types

Define the available weld types based on the fabrication and construction types of the two ends that form the welded joint. For more information, see Define Weld Type Rules.

Define Weld Clearances

Specify the interference clearances for field weld locations. By defining clearances, you can detect if a weld is too close to another object (such as another pipe or a wall) to permit the use of automatic welding machines or to allow for inspection. For more information, see Define Weld Clearance Rules.

Define Weld Gaps

Specify the space between the welded ends of a welded joint. The weld gap is used to compute the piping cut length and to provide accurate modeling of fitting-to-fitting pipe spools. For more information, see Define Weld Gap Rules.

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