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The Default Piping Commodity Selection Rule node (the DefaultCommoditySelectionRule sheet in the Piping Specification.xls workbook) defines which short code should be used during the automatic placement of fittings. This rule is used when the Commodity Option / Option Code in the Piping Commodity Filter is set to Default (1).

This rule is also used to connect incompatible ports. When routing, if the ports are not compatible according to the mating port table or because of different NPD, the software looks in this table to find a rule to connect the incompatible ports. For example, you could define that the software use a Flange for a Male Welded against Bolted Connector.

The functional short codes (generic short codes) for change-of-direction fittings are specified in Default Change of Direction.

Feature Type (Required)

Specifies the feature type. Feature types are defined in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the FeatureType sheet in the Feature Type Short Description column. In the Catalog task, feature types are defined in the Feature Type select list.

Generic Short Code (Required)

Specifies the short code to use for the defined feature type.

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