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The Short Code Hierarchy Rule node (the ShortCodeHierarchyRule sheet in the Piping Specification.xls workbook) designates which short codes are exposed to the piping designer under which configurations. More importantly, the short code also controls the behavior of the component when the component is inserted in the pipe run. It is very important that the short code be assigned to the correct short code hierarchy type in this rule. You can specify short codes for short code hierarchy types defined in the Short Code Hierarchy Type select list (AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the ShortCodeHierarchy sheet).

For a component having...

The Short Code Hierarchy Class/Type in the spec rule should be...

The Resulting Route Feature Type is...

One Port

Inline Fittings/Closing Fittings

End feature

Two ports with change in direction

Change Of Direction Fittings/*

Turn feature

Two inline ports having different NPD (with and without offset).

Inline Fittings/Concentric Size Change Fittings
Inline Fittings/Eccentric Size Change Fittings

Intermediate end feature

Two inline ports with same NPD (with and without offset).

Inline Fittings/Valves
Inline Fittings/Flanges
Inline Fittings/Other Inline Fittings

Along-leg feature

Components having three ports with two inline ports and one offline port and all ports intersect at the symbol origin.

Branches/Tee Type Branches

Along-leg branch parent feature

Components having three or more ports with at least two inline ports. If three port component then all ports do not intersect at the symbol origin.

Inline Fittings/Other Inline Fittings
Branches/Other Branches

Along-leg feature

Components having more than two ports with only one inline port.

Miscellaneous Fittings/Miscellaneous

Along-leg end-leg feature

Components having four ports where two ports are inline and all ports intersect at the symbol origin.

Branches/Cross Branches

Along-leg feature

Short Code Hierarchy Type (Required)

Specify the short code hierarchy type for which you want the short code to appear in the software. You can define new short code hierarchy types in the Short Code Hierarchy Type select list or in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the ShortCodeHierarchy sheet in the Short Code Hierarchy Type Short Description column.

Short Code (Required)

Type the short code that you want to associate with the hierarchy type you defined in the Short Code Hierarchy Type column. A short code is used as a grouping or designation for each component so you can select the component. Some examples of short codes that you might use are: Piping, Nipple, Gate Valve, Lift Check Valve, Tee and Weld Neck Flange.

SHARED Tip When displaying the short codes in the Piping task, the software queries the reference data separately for the different short code hierarchy types that can be inserted, such as inline fittings, end fitting, branch fittings and size change. The software then concatenates the multiple lists into one list to display in the Type box on the ribbon. For improved usability, be sure to keep the short codes in alphabetically order within each short code hierarchy type.

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