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The Bolt Extension for studs and machine bolts in the Bolt Extension sheet is not used to create the unique ID definition of the record. Therefore, you can mark the existing record as modified by typing M at the beginning of the record. For example, the correct Bolt Extension for a 6 inch nominal pipe diameter connection is 5 mm. However, because the bolt extension rule is a plant rule, you must update all affected bolted connections. You can do this by typing M at the beginning of all affected records in the Piping Generic Data Bolted sheet.

  1. Open the Bolt Extension sheet.

  2. Locate the record, edit the Bolt Extension value, and then type M at the beginning of the record.

  3. In the Piping Generic Data Bolted sheet, locate the bolt parts affected by the changes.

  4. At the beginning of each affected valve part record, type M.

  5. Bulkload the spreadsheet, and review the log file.

  6. Use the Catalog Checker to review the impact of the proposed changes.

  7. Because editing the Bolt Extension impacts the modeled objects, use the Synchronize Model with Catalog Command to mark the out-of-date objects.

  8. Use the Synchronize Workspace with Catalog Command to update the objects.

  9. Verify your changes, and resolve any discrepancies.

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