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The Washers node (the WasherPartData sheet in the Piping.xls workbook) defines the washers in your parts catalog.

  • The use of the Smart 3D reference data identification number as the catalog part number for a washer is currently not supported.

  • If the part number column exists on the part class sheet, a unique, non-blank value must exist or the part is not created.

Coating Requirement (Optional)

Select the coating requirement for the washer.

Coating Type (Optional)

Select the coating type for the washer.

Geometric Industry Practice (Optional)

Select the source used in the preparation of the washer catalog data.

Geometric Industry Standard (Optional)

Select the source used in the preparation of the washer catalog data.

Industry Commodity Code (Required)

Specify the industry commodity code for the part. All industry commodity codes must be unique across the entire catalog.

Material Category (Required)

Select the material category.

Materials Grade (Required)

Enter the material grade code for the part. Valid codes are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the MaterialGrade sheet in the Codelist Number column.

Material Grade Practice (Required)

Select the material grade practice.

Washer Thickness (Required)

Enter the washer thickness. This thickness is used for the bolt length calculations. Include the unit of measure, for example mm or in, when defining this value.

Washer Type (Required)

Enter the code that represents the washer type (flat, split, conical, and so forth). Valid codes are listed in AllCodeLists.xls on the WasherType sheet in the Codelist Number column.

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