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The Flared Pipe Rule node (the FlaredPipe sheet in the Piping Specification.xls workbook) defines the lap length and lap thickness for flared pipes based on the nominal piping diameter and the schedule thickness. This rule causes an increase in the reported pipe lengths to account for the installation method. This sheet contains all the default values that the software is to use in the piping specification. You can define exceptions for a particular piping materials class in the Flared Pipe Per Spec.

This rule only applies to pipe that is flared by the fabrication shop, not to flared pipe spools that can be purchased from a manufacturer.

This rule is used when you set the Selection Basis option to either "Continuous pipe bend flared" (75) or "Plain piping ends flared" (80) in the Piping Commodity Filter. Also, flared pipe is determined by a lap joint flange at the pipe end, where the lap joint flange is recognized by the Piping Commodity Subclass of "Lap Joint Flanges" (60). If the lap joint flange has not been associated with a stub end as a reportable piping commodity in the piping commodity filter, the software assumes that the lap flange is being used with flared pipe.

Lap Length (Required)

Specify the extra length to add to the pipe. This extra length is used to form the flared lip and is similar to a field fit in that the pipe length delivered to the field is longer than the dimension on the isometric drawing. The Lap Length is annotated as A in the figure.

Lap Thickness (Required)

Specify the thickness of the flared lip. This value is added to the flange thickness, and the sum thickness is used in the display of the joint in the model.

Minimum Grip Length

Specify the minimum grip length needed by the machine that will be flaring the pipe.

Nominal Piping Diameter (Required)

Specify the pipe diameter for which the flared pipe information applies.

Nominal Piping Diameter Units (Required)

Specify the unit of measurement, in or mm for example, for the value in the Nominal Piping Diameter column.

Schedule Thickness (Optional)

Type the schedule thickness short description for the pipe. Valid short descriptions are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the ScheduleThickness sheet in the Schedule Thickness Short Description column.

Schedule Thickness Practice (Optional)

Select the schedule thickness practice for the pipe.

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