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The Gasket Selection Filter For Nozzles node (the GasketSelectionFilterForNozzles sheet in the GasketSelection Filter for Nozzles Sample data.xls workbook) defines data for any nozzle that requires special gaskets, for example, the nozzle gasket is supplied by the equipment vendor. The special gaskets for nozzles are selected from the Piping Specification by the equipment and nozzle tag numbers. It is only necessary to define this data for those few nozzles that require special gaskets. You need not create data for every nozzle in the project.

Gasket Requirements (Optional)

Select the gasket requirement. Valid codes are listed in the GasketRequirements sheet in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook in the Codelist Number column.

Contractor Commodity Code (Required)

Type the contractor commodity code, which identifies the gasket that you want to use from Gasket Part Data Sheet.

Equipment Tag Number (Required)

Specify the model-wide unique identification name of the process equipment.

Fabrication Category (Optional)

Type the fabrication code that represents the responsibility for fabrication or erection. Valid codes are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the FabricationType sheet in the Codelist Number column.

Fabrication Requirement (Optional)

Select the fabrication requirement.

Nozzle Tag Number (Required)

Specify the unique identification for the nozzle located on the equipment defined in Equipment Tag Number.

Ring Number (Optional)

Specify the ring number for a ring joint gasket. This property is optional and is only required when the gasket’s commodity code does not address the ring number. This is not required for any other type of gasket.

Supply Responsibility (Optional)

Specify the supply responsibility code. The supply responsibility code identifies the party responsible for supplying the commodity. Valid codes are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the SupplyResponsibility sheet in the Codelist Number column.

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