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The PipeBendRadii sheet in the Piping.xls workbook generates the set of allowed bend radius values given the nominal size of the pipe. You can specify the actual bend radius or a multiplier of the pipe NPD. To use the information defined on this sheet, you must set the Pipe Bend Radius Multiplier option on the Default Project Options Sheet to 10 (Pipe bend radius by rule).

Bend Radius (Required)

Type the allowable bend radius.

Bend Radius Multiplier (Required)

Type the NPD multiplier that you want to use to define the bend radius.

NPD (Required)

Type the nominal pipe diameter for which you want to define bend radii.

For DIN-based pipe bends, the size to be used for the Bend Radius Multiplier can be based on nominal piping diameter or outside diameter depending on the basis of the Pipe Bend Radius Multiplier Option property in the Default Project Options Sheet.

NPD Unit Type (Required)

Specify the units for the NPD column. For example, type mm or in.

Spec Name (Required)

Type the piping materials class for which you want to define bend radii. The piping materials class that you enter must be defined on the Piping Materials Classes.

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