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Piping Specification Rules are used across all piping material classes in the project. You should customize these rules based on what makes sense for your company.

You must define data for the following required rules:

  • Default Project Options

  • Short Code Hierarchy Rule

  • Default Change of Direction

  • Default Piping Commodity Selection Rule

  • Mating Ports

  • NPD Equivalence

  • Bolt Extension

  • Preferred Stud Bolt Length

  • Preferred Machine Bolt Length

  • Preferred Cap Screw Length

  • Preferred Tap End Stud Bolt Length

  • Machine Bolt Length Calculation Tolerance

  • Stud Bolt Length Calculation Tolerance

  • Cap Screw Length Calculation Tolerance

  • Tap End Stud Bolt Length Calculation Tolerance

  • Weld Model Representation Rule

  • Weld Type Rule

The optional piping specification rules are:

  • Minimum Pipe Length Rule

  • Minimum Pipe Length Purchase

  • Port Alignment

  • Pipe Bending Elongation

  • Flared Pipe

  • Field Lining Thickness

  • Fluid Density Rule

  • Slip On Flange Setback Distance

  • Plate Flange Setback Distance

  • Weld Gap Rule

  • End Preparation Compatibility Exceptions Rule

  • Nominal Piping Diameter Compatibility Exceptions Rule

  • Field Fit Length