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The Minimum Pipe Length Rule for Random Length Pipe node (the MinimumPipeLengthRulePerSpec sheet in the Piping Specification.xls workbook) defines the minimum pipe length and the preferred minimum pipe length for piping that is available for purchase in random lengths. You define these minimum lengths based on the nominal piping diameter. Use this node/sheet to override the settings on the Model Rules > Minimum Pipe Length Rule for Random Length Pipe rule (MinPipeLengthRule sheet in the Piping Specification.xls workbook) on a per piping materials class basis.

The software assumes that the minimum pipe length value includes any length required to address socket depth for socket weld configurations. For example, you intend to insert pipe stock between two socket weld valves, where the socket depth is 1/2 inch. The minimum pipe length between the two female hubs is to be 2 inch. You must create the minimum pipe length in this rule as 3 inches, 2 + 1/2 + 1/2 = 3.

Spec Name (Required)

Type the name of the piping materials class for which you are defining minimum component data. The piping materials class that you enter must be defined on the Piping Materials Classes.

NPD (Required)

Type the nominal pipe diameter for which you want to define the minimum dimensions.

NPD Unit Type (Required)

Specify the units for the nominal pipe diameter value that you entered in the NPD column. For example, type mm or in.

Minimum Pipe Length (Required)

Type the minimum length for the pipe that you want to allow for this NPD. The software will not let you place pipe shorter than this value.

Preferred Minimum Pipe Length (Required)

Type the preferred minimum pipe length. If you try to place pipe that is shorter than this value, the software displays a warning and reports an inconsistency but does allow you to place the pipe.

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