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The WBS Creation Rule node (the AutoWBSCreationRule sheet in the Piping.xls workbook) defines the default options for the Group Pipe Parts Command in the Piping task.

Rule Name (Required)

Type a name for the WBS automated creation rule.

WBS Grouping (Required)

Specify a grouping type. Valid codelists are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the WBSItemPurpose sheet in the Codelist Number column.

Create Exclusive WBS Item (Required)

Specify whether the software should create exclusive WBS items. Enter 5 for no. Enter 10 for yes.

Label Name (Optional)

Type the name of the label that defines the query parameters and the naming rule to use in creating the WBS items.

Object Filter Name (Optional)

Select the filter to use to select the piping parts for the WBS item.

Auto WBS Grouping Rule Type (Required)

Select how you want the software to select object for the WBS items.

  • Group by query (5) - Objects are grouped based upon a query that is defined in a label. For example, use this option to quickly find all pipe parts that belongs to run that are heat traced and then to subgroup them according to other attributes such as sequence number and NPD.

  • Group by query and control point (15) - Objects are grouped based on queries and control points. By using this method, you can group objects using the query, and then create subgroups using the placement of control points.

  • Group by control point (10) - Objects are grouped based on control points that you place using the Insert > Control Point command. Objects between the control points are grouped together. If you select this option, you will need to define a control point subtype in the Control Point Subtype field.

Control Point Subtype (Required)

Select the control point subtype the command is to look for. The control points are used as boundaries to define where one WBS item grouping ends and the next one begins. You place the control points using the Insert Menu > Control Point Command. Be sure that when you are placing the control points that you select the correct control point subtype. Valid codelists values are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the ControlPointSubType sheet in the Codelist Number column.

Maximum Number of Objects (Optional)

Enter the maximum number of objects to put in a WBS item. When this limit is exceeded, the software marks the WBS item as oversized and sends the WBS item to the To Do List. If both assemblies and base parts are being added to the WBS, the assemblies are not included in this count. If only assemblies are being added, then they are included in the count.

Respect Assembly Boundaries (Required)

Specifies whether the boundaries of assembly parents must be honored. For example, if a pipe part belongs to a spool, all parts of the spool must be included in the same WBS item. (Note: This option is not used in the current software version.) Enter 5 for no. Enter 10 for yes.

Pull in Associated Items (Required)

Specifies whether parts related to the pipe parts are included in the WBS item. Examples of these related parts would be gaskets, bolt and nut sets, and welds. Enter 1 for disabled. Enter 2 for enabled.

Include Assemblies (Required)

Specifies whether assemblies should be added along with the children. For example, if the query is locating pipe parts, the software checks to see if the part belongs to an assembly (a spool) and, if so, the assembly is added to the WBS item along with the part. (Note: This option is not used in the current software version.) Enter 5 for No Assemblies. Enter 10 for Assemblies followed by Children. Enter 15 for Assemblies Only.

Ignore Boundaries (Required)

Specifies whether the software extend beyond the query boundaries to find intrinsic breaks. (Note: This option is not used in the current software version.) Enter 5 for no. Enter 10 for yes.

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