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Intergraph Smart 3D Piping Reference Data

Intergraph Smart 3D
Reference Data
  1. Open the Piping Specification.xls workbook.

  2. Select the FluidDensityRule sheet.

  3. Select a row after the Start keyword but before the End keyword, and click Insert > Row.

  4. In the Fluid Code column, enter the fluid code short description for which to define a density.

  5. Specify the temperature range for the fluid density. Include the temperature unit, for example F or C, when defining this range.

  6. In the Density column, enter the fluid density. Be sure to include the units of measure, for example lbm/ft^3 or kg/m^3, when specifying this value.

  7. Save the Piping Specification.xls workbook.

  • The fluid code short descriptions are defined on the AllCodeLists.xls workbook in the FluidCode sheet in the Fluid Code Short Description column.

  • For cryogenic liquids and compounds that can change phases, you must define a different fluid code, and thus a different density, for each of the different phases.

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