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The Washer Commodity Code Substitution Rule node (the WasherCommodityCodeSubstRule sheet in the Connection Parts Commodity Code Substitution workbook) is an optional rule that you can use to define a washer's commodity code using the dimensional characteristics of the bolt set with which it belongs. This optional rule applies to all washers.

This rule is used when the material control system requires the washer commodity code to serve as a part number that reflects the bolt diameter. The washer's commodity code used in the Piping Specification does not include the bolt diameter because those values are not known until the bolted joint is placed in the 3D model. This rule updates the commodity code of the bolt set in the model to reflect the bolt diameter.

Material Control System Washer / Washer Commodity Code (Required)

Enter the commodity code to use for the material control system. This commodity code is not used to query the piping commodity material data for the bolt part.

Bolt Diameter (Required)

Specify the diameter of the bolt in in or mm.

Contractor Commodity Code (Required)

Enter the commodity code for the washer as defined in the Washer Selection Filter.

Weight (Optional)

Specify the weight of the washer.

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