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The Weld Clearance Rule node (the WeldClearanceRule sheet in the Piping Specification.xls workbook) specifies interference clearances at each field weld location. By defining a clearance, you can detect if a weld is too close to another object, such as another pipe or a building wall, to permit the use of automatic welding machines or to allow for proper inspection.

The weld clearance data is determined by the piping materials class, the nominal piping diameter (a range), and the Weld Class, that is the determination of "By Pipe Erector" versus "By Pipe Fabricator" welds.

Although you can define weld clearance rules for all weld classes and bulk load them into the model, the software only creates maintenance volumes for two weld classes, "By Pipe Erector" and "By Pipe Erector, Field Fit." The software does not create maintenance volumes for "By Pipe Fabricator" or "By Pipe Erector Loose Material (temporary or track weld)" weld classes.

Nominal Diameter From (Required)

Define the lower bound of the largest nominal piping diameter for which this weld clearance applies.

Nominal Diameter To (Required)

Define the upper bound of the largest nominal piping diameter for which this weld clearance applies.

Nominal Piping Diameter Units (Required)

Specify the units for the Nominal Diameter From and Nominal Diameter To columns. For example, type in for inches or mm for millimeters.

Spec Name (Required)

Type the name of the piping material class for which you are defining weld clearances. The piping materials class that you enter must be defined on the Piping Materials Classes.

Weld Class (Required)

Type the weld class code. Valid codes are listed in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook on the WeldType sheet in the Codelist Number column.

Weld Clearance Length (Required)

Type the length of the cylindrical reserved space along the pipe and centered at the weld. For example, if you enter 36 inches here, you are reserving 18 inches on either side of the center of the weld for clearance.

Weld Clearance Radius Increase (Required)

Type the radius of the cylindrical reserved space around the pipe. This value is in addition to the pipe radius.

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