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  1. Select an As-Built project on the WBS tab of the Workspace Explorer.

  2. Click Project > Set Design Review Status to open the Set Design Review Status dialog. If there are no active projects available in the model, the software displays a message and cancels the command.

  3. If needed, choose a different project in the Select Project list.

  4. Click Start to begin the verification checks. If verification is unsuccessful, the software displays a red X next to the unverified prerequisite and enables the View Log button so you can review processing results.

  5. After verification completes successfully, click Finish.

  6. When prompted, log on to SDx. The logon you use must have Design Lead role assigned.

    SDx authenticates the logon credentials and verifies that the current change action status is set to Active. If authentication and verification are successful, the change action status in SDx is set to Design Review. When the command completes successfully, the software displays a confirmation message in the dialog.

  • In Smart 3D, the Operation Status for the As-Built project also displays as Design Review and the Status (for Approval State) is set to In Review.

  • When the change action status is set to Design Review, all the project data becomes read-only in Smart 3D so that no additional changes can be made.

  • After the Approval State of an As-Built project is set to In Review, you cannot change the status of the As-Built project in Smart 3D. You must use SDx to change the status of the change action, and then use the Project Operations Command to synchronize the project in Smart 3D.