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To synchronize the work area definition for a Change Management model, you must define the settings to use for synchronizing data from SDx. Make sure that you have Administrator permissions for the model that you are configuring.

  1. In the Project Management tree, select the Change Management model for which you want to configure SDx synchronization settings. The model that you select must be registered with a valid SDx server. See Register the Change Management model with SDx.

  2. Click Integration > Configure SDx Integration Settings Command to open the SDx Integration Settings Dialog.

  3. Specify the permission groups for synchronized Smart Interop Objects and for projects. Only the permission groups for which you have at least Write access display in the list.

  4. Use the remaining options to configure the synchronization settings as needed. Optionally, you can also configure settings to synchronize work area definition updates and to synchronize subscribed projects from SDx to the model.

  5. Click Save to save your settings in the database.

  6. Click OK to close the confirmation box.