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All objects that are processed by the share/synchronize process are posted in the CorePublishedObjects table and can be viewed in the SDx Synchronization Status Monitor. Share/Synchronize error messages fall into two categories: Schema/Data Errors and Server Errors.

Schema/Data Errors

Schema/Data errors can occur when there is a mismatch between Smart 3D and the SDx schema or data. Resolving these types of errors require you to modify the business objects to correct the data in Smart 3D. After the schema or the data is corrected, you can then re-synchronize the failed objects to SDx. Examples are listed below:

Example 1:

Error has occurred during Deferred Cancel Methods, An Error occurred whilst committing the object, IObject:ClasseDef=Rel,UID=6f4031c2-76fe-4d22-a3bf-2c9ae97f2daf,Name= The object on End1 of the 'SupportComponentHasSupportingObject' relationship was not of the correct type.

Meaning: Class does not support the necessary interface at the Origin or the End1 side of the relationship listed in the schema.

Recovery: Update the schema as needed, and then use the Re-synchronize command to manually re-synchronize the failed object.

Example 2:

Relationship creation failed with inputs Relation name = PBSHierarchy, Source Class = Pipeline, Destination Class = Equipment.

Meaning: The PBS hierarchy relationship is not supported to create the equipment under the Pipeline parent.

Recovery: Move the equipment under a valid parent. The Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service will then mark the object as modified and automatically re-synchronize the equipment to SDx.

This issue is not reported in the DB Integrity checks.

Example 3:

The connection item cannot be shared as there is no Owning part.

Meaning: The necessary relationship to share the connection part is not available.


  1. Run the database integrity scripts. The problem with the irregularity should be listed in one of the reported integrity errors.

  2. Proceed with the documented corrective action to resolve the issue.

  3. Clean the database.

  4. The Share Service automatically picks up the failed object for re-synchronization to SDx.

Server Errors

Server errors can occur when the SDx server is down, when there is no access to the SDx server, or if there are any network issues preventing you from reaching the server. Failed objects caused by server errors are re-synchronized automatically when the issue on the server side is resolved.

Example 1:

Failure during HTTP 'GET' to '<SDx URL>': 'An error occurred while sending the request.'

Meaning: The server is down and failed to reach the specified URL.

Example 2:

Authorization has been denied for this request.

Meaning: Failed to authorize the client and access is denied.

Recovery: Verify the authorization details given for the client registered to SDx.