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Administration & Configuration
Smart 3D Version

Provides options for configuring and viewing the status of the synchronize operations between SDx and Smart 3D.

Synchronization Status Tab

Shows the synchronization status for each Smart 3D model that belongs to the sites you specified on the Configuration tab. The graphic below identifies key parts of the Synchronization Status tab.

1 - Details Grid

Displays the following information by default for each model listed in the grid. You can drag column headers and drop them on the bar to group the data by that column.

Model Name

Displays the name of the registered Smart 3D model.


Displays the location of the model.

Sync to SDx

Displays the percentage of completion for the current synchronization operation from the Smart 3D model to SDx.

Sync from SDx

Displays the percentage of completion for the current synchronization operation from SDx to the Smart 3D model.

Model Purpose

Displays the purpose of the model. The Model Purpose property is defined when the Smart 3D model database is created.


Displays the name of the Smart 3D site database to which the Smart 3D model belongs.


Displays the name of the server on which the site database resides.

2 - Column Chooser

Enables you to specify which columns to display in the grid. Click Column Chooser to open the columns list. To display a column in the grid, select its check box. Clear the check box to remove the column from the grid.

3 - Summary Panes

Provides details about the synchronization status for each model in the grid. Three summary panes display: Details, Synchronize to SDx Status, and Synchronize from SDx Status.

  • To view details about the synchronize to SDx operation for the selected model, click Synchronize to SDx Status Report in the upper-right corner of the Synchronize to SDx Status pane. See Generate a Synchronization Status report.

  • To re-synchronize objects that failed during the synchronize to SDx process, click Re-synchronize in the Synchronize to SDx Status pane to open the Re-synchronize dialog.

  • If the synchronize from SDx operation fails, you can Restart Synchronize from SDx in the Synchronize from SDx Status pane to restart the process on the selected model.

4 - Refresh

Updates the display in the grid when new models have been added to or removed from the site database.

5 - Close

Closes the window.

Configuration Tab

Enables you to set up the region, site database server, and site database, and server to monitor. You can also configure the utility to send notifications to one or more email accounts regarding any failures that occur during the synchronize to SDx process.

Database Configuration


Specifies the location of the database server to monitor.

Database Provider

Indicates the provider for the source database. Select MSSQL or Oracle.

Server Name

Lists the registered servers that reside at the location specified for the selected database type. The servers that display in this list are based on the Location and Database Provider settings. Select a server in the list.

Site Name

Lists the site databases that reside on the server specified in the Server Name list. Select a site database in the list.

Mail Configuration


Specifies the address for the server that handles outgoing email.

Add Recipient

Enables you to create a recipient list for receiving a notification regarding synchronization operation failures. Type an email address, and then click Add to add the address to the Recipients box. The utility supports multiple recipients.

Address Book

Enables you to create a recipient list using your Microsoft Outlook address book. To use this feature, Microsoft Outlook must be configured on the local machine and running with administrative privileges.


Lists the email address for each recipient that receives a notification if the specified synchronization operation fails. To remove a recipient from the list, select the email address and click .

Registered Models

Displays the registered models that belong to each site database selected in the Database Configuration section. Select one or more models for which to receive an email notification when the synchronization operation fails.

Notify On

Enables you to specify the type of synchronization failure that triggers an email notification. Select as many failure types as needed.

Select All

Send an email notification when any synchronize process fails.

Synchronization from SDx Failure

Send an email notification if the synchronize from SDx process fails.

Synchronization to SDx Errors Data

Send an email notification if the synchronize to SDx process fails due to errors. You can specify between data errors or server errors, or you can specify both.

Notification Interval

Specifies the time interval used for sending subscribed recipients an email notification when there is a synchronization failure.


Populates the SDx Synchronization Status tab to show the status for each model that belongs to every site selected on the Configuration tab


Clears all settings and closes the utility.