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Converts the selected Smart Interop Object (SIO) equipment to native Smart 3D equipment. The software processes SIO equipment components and SIO nozzles to create corresponding native Smart 3D components and nozzles. Nozzle types such as pipe, conduit, cable, cabletray, HVAC nozzles, and foundation port data to are used to create corresponding native Smart 3D nozzles. After running the command, the software adds the corresponding native Smart 3D nozzles under the converted Smart 3D equipment.

The Copy as S3D Equipment command can add native Smart 3D nozzles to converted Smart 3D equipment. However, the command only creates corresponding SIO nozzles for SIO equipment or SIO equipment components. The command does not recreate existing Smart 3D nozzles already available on SIO equipment or SIO equipment components.

You access the command from the context menu that displays when you right-click a single SIO equipment object. Processing begins immediately upon selecting the Copy as S3D Equipment command and continues through completion, even if errors are encountered. When processing completes, the software displays a message indicating whether creation of the new native Smart 3D equipment succeeded or failed.

Processing details, including information on any errors that occurred, are written to a log file. To view the contents of the log file, click OK on the message box that displays. Alternatively, navigate to the local Temp folder and open the CopyAsS3DEquipment_EquipmentName_YYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS.log file.

  • The Copy as S3D Equipment command is available only in the Equipment and Furnishings task.

  • The Copy as S3D Equipment command does not display on the context menu under the following conditions:

    • You right-click a single native Smart 3D equipment object.

    • You right-click a select set of multiple SIO equipment objects.

    • You right-click a select set that contains both SIO equipment and native Smart 3D equipment.

  • A progress indicator displays in the status bar during processing.

  • If the software encounters any errors while processing nozzles or equipment components, the entire native Smart 3D is not created. Details of the failure are written to the log file.