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Only a user with Project as-built roles can perform the Project as-built tasks, such as register and share from the authoring tool. The five roles listed below are delivered with SDx to provide immediate access to perform basic operations needed to manage and use the Smart 3D project and as-built configurations. Each of those roles and their functions is described below. When logging into SDx to perform tasks, choose a user that belongs to appropriate role for what you need to do.

System Administrator PAB

The System Administrator PAB role provides access to perform all operations pertaining to setting up the SDx environment for managing project/as-built; loading the necessary components into the SDx database, including the schema; synchronizing data; claiming; and viewing data in the database.

Project Administrator PAB

The Project Administrator PAB role has permissions to manage the project in SDx, but not to configure the SDx environment. They can register with SDx, synchronize data to and from SDx, share documents, claim data in the project (from Smart 3D or SDx) or merge it to the plant, and view data in the database.

Design Lead PAB

The Design Lead PAB has access to synchronize data to and from SDx, claim objects from Smart 3D or SDx, revise documents, and view data in the database. A user in this role does not have permission to merge a project. While users in this role do not have permission to share data using the Share Service or synchronize as-built data, they can share documents and synchronize plant data.

Designer PAB

The Designer PAB role provides the necessary permissions to claim objects from the tool, revise a document, and view data in the database. Users in this role can also share documents.

Viewer PAB

A user in the role of Viewer PAB has the permissions only to view data in the SDx database.

These roles are configured to provide the described access by default. SDx administrators can modify the delivered roles or create new roles with the necessary permissions to meet the needs of their organization. See Assign roles to a user in a configuration.