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Although the basic process of translating source files to Smart Models is the same, prerequisites, recommendations, and translation settings can vary from one format to another depending on the design tool. The table below lists the output source files supported by Smart Interop Publisher. The Source Files column lists the graphics and data file type combinations that can be used. Detailed information about the 3D model translation workflow for PDS, PDMS, and Smart 3D is located in the Smart Interop Publisher Help. Refer to the Notes/Requirements column in the table for a cross-reference to the specific Help topic for each design tool.

Supported Hexagon and
Third Party Products


Source Files


PDS, Frameworks® Plus

v12.01.00.19 saved from Material Data Publisher (MDP)

  • Graphics: .zvf

  • Data: .xml

  • Use MDP to export the PDS model data to the supported file type.

  • For optimal data and graphics quality when extracting .zvf and .xml source files from PDS, ensure that PDS and Smart Interop Publisher 2019 R1 (or later) are installed on the same machine

  • For more detailed information, see Translate PDS source files in Smart Interop Publisher Help.


PDMS v12.1 SP5 and earlier, E3D v2.1

  • Graphics: .rvm (binary only)

  • Data: .att

  • When there is a .att and .datal file, Smart Interop Publisher uses only the .att file. Only enhanced ATT files with ports data generated by a customized ATT dump macro are supported.

  • For more detailed information, see Translate PDMS source files in Smart Interop Publisher Help.

Smart 3D (3D Model data)

2019 and later using 3D model data drawing

  • Graphics: .vue or .zvf

  • Data: .xml

Smart Interop Object data generated from 3D model data created using Smart 3D 2018 and earlier or upgraded datasets with Smart Interop Object data generated using Smart 3D 2018 or earlier do not support most Smart Interop functionality, such as moving and rotating Smart Interop Object equipment, rotating Smart Interop Object piping components, routing from Smart Interop Object parts, and creating isometrics from Smart Interop Objects.

By default, Smart Interop Publisher converts complex geometric objects into simpler graphic objects during the translation process. These simpler graphic objects can be difficult for Smart 3D design commands to locate in the as-built model. As such, we recommend that you clear the Reduce VUE file geometry memory setting in the Translate Source File dialog box. For more information, see Translate to Smart Models in the Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher Help.