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Synchronizing the work area definition from the As-Built model in SDx provides a reference for your new project in Smart 3D.

Before synchronizing the work area definition, you must define SDx subscription settings. Otherwise, the software displays an error message.

  1. Open Project Management, and select a Change Management model in the Project Management tree. The model that you select must be registered with a valid SDx server. See Register the Change Management model with SDx.

  2. Click Integration > Synchronize Work Area from SDx Command to open the SDx Synchronization Status window.

  3. Review the progress for the synchronize from SDx process. The Sync from SDx progress bar displays 100% when the work area definition is synchronized (1), and Sync Status in the Synchronize from SDx panel displays Completed (2).

  4. Click Close when finished.

  • If an instance of work area definition synchronization is currently in progress, the software displays a message.

  • After you synchronize the work area definition, you can claim the objects to be modified, make design changes as needed, and then merge the changes back to the As-Built model in SDx.

  • The purpose of the Synchronize Work Area from SDx Command is two-fold. Initially, you use this command to synchronize the work area definition for a new Change Management model at the onset of project execution. After the project is underway, if there are any changes to the As-Built model in SDx, such as a separate project is completed and those changes are merged into the As-Built model, you can then use the Syncrhonize Work Area from SDx Command to refresh the initial work area definition to include the new 3D design data.