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The Detect and Repair Hangers Missing Relationships custom command creates missing relationships between Smart Interop Object supports and a Smart Interop Object route or a Smart Interop Object.

This command does not create missing relationships or permit you to modify objects in the following scenarios:

  • An SIO support is not claimed to a Smart Interop Object project.

  • Either the supporting or supported Smart Interop Objects are not claimed and the SIO support is claimed.

  • No active project is set in the Change Management model.

  • Supporting or supported objects are claimed to other projects and the SIO support is claimed to another project.

Run the command:

  1. Open a design session.

  2. Click Tools > Custom Commands > Add, and run the HangerCustomCommands,Ingr.SP3D.Support.Commands.DetectAndRepairHangersMissingRelations custom command. The software displays a message box that reports the number of structured supports available in the workspace, and how many of those structured supports have missing relationships with both supported and supporting objects.

    • You must run the command in the Smart 3D host. The command does not work if you run it from Project Management.

    • If the select set is empty, a message prompts you to continue running the command for all SIO supports available in the workspace. The

  3. Click Yes to continue creating missing relationships. A message box displays the number of supports created, modified, or unsolved (see below).

    Detect and Repair Hangers Missing Relations

  • The command writes detailed information about unresolved missing relationships to the log file listed at the bottom of the message box.

  • The filter that defines the workspace needs to include the supported and supporting objects and the SIO support.