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The Detect and Repair Hangers Missing Relationships custom command creates missing relationships between Smart Interop Object supports and a Smart Interop Object route or a Smart Interop Object.

This command does not create missing relationships or permit you to modify objects in the following scenarios:

  • An SIO support is not claimed to a Smart Interop Object project.

  • Either the supporting or supported Smart Interop Objects are not claimed and the SIO support is claimed.

  • No active project is set in the Change Management model.

  • Supporting or supported objects are claimed to other projects and the SIO support is claimed to another project.

Before you begin, make sure that the Detect and Repair Hangers Missing Relationships custom command is added to the software. The ProgID for this command is HangerCustomCommands,Ingr.SP3D.Support.Commands.DetectAndRepairHangersMissingRelations. See Add custom commands in the Common Help.

Run the command:

  1. Open a design session.

  2. Click Tools > Custom Commands, and run the Detect And Repair Hangers Missing Relations custom command. The software displays a message box that reports the number of structured supports available in the workspace, and how many of those structured supports have missing relationships with both supported and supporting objects.

    • You must run the command in the Smart 3D host. The command does not work if you run it from Project Management.

    • If the select set is empty, a message prompts you to continue running the command for all SIO supports available in the workspace.

  3. Click Yes to continue creating missing relationships. A message box displays the number of supports created, modified, or unsolved (see below).

    Detect and Repair Hangers Missing Relations

  • The command writes detailed information about unresolved missing relationships to the log file listed at the bottom of the message box.

  • The filter that defines the workspace needs to include the supported and supporting objects and the SIO support.