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  1. Select the change action in your To Do List , and then select Actions > Approve Design Modifications on the Approve Design Modifications step.

  2. Modify the models as required.

  3. Select Complete to send the changes for review.

  • All synchronizations must have been completed before the change action is sent to the next step in the workflow.

  • If the change action includes the creation of additional objects (like systems) at the top level of the plant breakdown hierarchy, you may not see that new hierarchy level or any objects created beneath it (like Equipment or Pipelines) after synchronization. The SDx Administrator must update the work area definition with the new hierarchy levels and synchronize the data again before the objects will be visible.

  • When you complete the Approve Design Modifications step, the system reviews the changes to ensure that no tags have dangling relationships that will cause problems during the merge process. If one or more tags are found to have dangling relationships, the change action is returned to the Approve Design Modifications step. If no dangling relationships are found, the change action is sent to the next step in the workflow.