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  • You must be a Smart 3D administrator to configure servers.

  • Make sure your servers have been registered to SQL Server Management Studio. See Register Microsoft SQL Server.

  1. Click Start > Intergraph Smart 3D > SDx Synchronization Status Monitor to open the SDx Synchronization Status Monitor.

  2. Click the Configuration tab.

  3. Under Database Configuration, type the location of the server to monitor, and then select Oracle or MSSQL in the Database Provider list. The software populates the Server Name list with registered database servers based on the Location and Database Provider settings.

  4. Select a server in the Server Name list. The software populates the Site Name list with the site databases that reside on the selected server.

  5. Select the site database to monitor in the Site Name list. You can select multiple sites.

  6. Optionally, specify Mail Configuration settings if you want the utility to send email notifications in the event the synchronize operation fails:

    1. Type the SMTP Host name.

    2. Type the email address in the Add Recipient box that will receive notifications from the utility regarding synchronize operation failures, and then click Add to place the account in the Recipients box. You can enter multiple email addresses if needed. To remove an email address from the list of recipients, click the in the upper-right corner of the Recipients box.

      If you have Microsoft Outlook configured on the local machine running with administrative privileges, you can create a recipient list using your Outlook address book. Click Address Book to open your Outlook address book. Select an email address, and then click Add to place the account in the Recipients box

    3. Select a recipient in the list, and then select one or more models from the Registered Models list.

    4. Use Notify On to specify which type of synchronize operation failures will trigger an email notification for the selected recipient. Select as many failure types as needed.

    5. Set the Notification Interval in hours.

      You configure email notification for a synchronize operation failure for one recipient at a time. To send an email notification to other recipients, repeat steps A through E for each additional recipient.

  7. Click OK to save your configuration settings. After the settings are saved, the Synchronization Status tab displays the models that belong to the configured site. If you have specified Mail Configuration settings, recipients will receive email notifications on any subscribed failure.

    • The next email notification for the same failure will be sent based on the configured Notification Interval.

    • Email notification for any failure is sent only when SDx Synchronization Status Monitor is running.

  8. Click OK exit or start monitoring the synchronization status. See Monitor synchronization status.