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Opens the Transfer Dialog so that you can specify options for moving claimed objects and 2D documents from one active As-Built project to another.

It is sometimes useful to transfer items between projects. Consider the following scenario involving two active As-Built projects, Project A and Project B. After making changes to some of the claimed objects and documents in Project A, you learn that Project A is no longer needed and will be canceled. When a project is canceled, all the changes are lost. If any of the modifications made in Project A are also needed for Project B, you can use Project > Transfer to move these items between the two projects. This saves you from having to redo the design work.

To avoid any cross-project relations, the software requires that you validate claimed objects before initiating the transfer process. For native Smart 3D objects, the validation is performed in Smart 3D. For Smart Interop Objects, the validation is performed in SDx. For 2D documents, validation before transfer is not required. Because documents are not related to other documents, you can transfer them directly to SDx.

The Project > Transfer command is only available when the following conditions exist:

  • The Model Purpose property for the active model is set to Change Management.

  • The model is registered with a valid SDx server.

Transfer Dialog

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