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Displays synchronization details for the As-Built projects that exist in Smart 3D and SDx. To gather these details, the software runs three processes: Getting As-Built projects, Evaluating As-Built projects, and Verifying user privileges. A progress indicator displays as the software performs each process. After completing the three processes, the software summarizes synchronization details in the Details panel.

Getting As-Built projects

Displays the progress for synchronizing all As-Built projects. The command synchronizes four categories of as-built projects: Canceled, Completed, New, and Active projects.

Evaluating As-Built projects

Displays the progress for evaluating each synchronized as-built project to determine its synchronization status with SDx.

Verifying user privileges

Displays the progress for verifying required user privileges. During this process, the software verifies that:

  • You have Full Access permissions for model permission groups and project permission groups. The software displays the name of any permission group for which you do not have Full Access in a list box along with a message.

  • You have Full Access permissions on projects. The software displays a message at the bottom of the tab for any project for which you do not have Full Access permission.

Details panel

Displays a count of the projects that are out of sync for each As-Built project category. The graphic below shows that there are two canceled projects, one completed project, and no new or active projects.

To view project details, click the category header. For example, clicking Canceled Projects (2) displays the project details for the two canceled projects: