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Work area definitions, or retrieve filters, are classified objects that are used to filter the information that is continuously synchronized between SDx and Smart 3D. Because they are classified objects, a tree is used to separate and distinguish between the different types of filters.

Internal Work Area definition

Used by internal users (users associated with an internal organization, like an Owner-Operator) to define what is synchronized with the 3D model. These filters are used internally to make changes to the project.

External Work Area definition

Used to limit what can be synchronized by external users (users associated with an external organization, like an EPC) to populate their 3D models. If this filter is used, the tags returned by list or graphical queries are items that are referenced by the work area definition.

View filter

Used by either internal or external users and is a graphical view filter only.

  1. Click Integration > Create 3D Work Area Definition.

  2. From the classification tree, select the type of work area definition to create.

  3. Provide a name and description for the new work area definition in the appropriate boxes.

  4. From the Target Project list box, choose the tool signature of the authoring tool instance you want to synchronize information with.

  5. To filter objects to be synchronized based on one or more named spaces in Smart 3D, select the from the Named Space list.

  6. To synchronize specific types of objects, select one or more options from the list in the Object Types box.

  7. Select your organization. When creating an internal work area definition, your organization is automatically selected in the Organization box.

    SHARED Tip If you belong to an internal organization and are creating an external work area definition for use by a contractor, you can select Unknown from the Organization list.

  8. Select the For Retrieval check box to indicate that this filter should include graphic details for the included objects.

  9. From the Plant Breakdown Structure tree, select the level from which you want to synchronize data.

  • Each target project is limited to only one work area definition.

  • After you create a work area definition, you can edit it to increase the scope included, but you cannot reduce the scope. See Update a Smart 3D work area definition in HxGN Integration Help.