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  • Before you begin, make sure that the Synchronize Smart Interop Objects Unmapped Data to SDx custom command is added to Smart 3D. The ProgID for this command is IntegrationCommands,Ingr.SP3D.SPIntegration.Client.Commands.PublishUnmappedDataCmd. For more information, see Add custom commands in the Common Help.

  • You can run the View Smart Interop Object Unmapped Properties custom command to view all the mapped and unmapped properties for the selected Smart Interop Object.

  1. Open Project Management or a design session in Smart 3D.

  2. Click Tools > Custom Commands, and run the Synchronize Smart Interop Objects Unmapped Data to SDx custom command to display the Synchronize Unmapped Data window.

  3. Click Start to begin synchronizing the unmapped Smart Interop Object data to SDx. If no unmapped data is available, the software displays a message.

    During processing, the window displays the status and object count (Number of objects synchronize/Total number of objects to be synchronized). In the example, 1000 objects out of 4152 total objects have been synchronized to SDx.

    When processing completes, the status bar displays 100%

  4. Click View Log to review the results of the synchronization process. The log includes the number of objects detected for synchronization, the number of objects synchronized, and the number of objects remaining in an error state.

  5. When finished, click Close

If you need to stop the synchronize to SDx operation before the process completes, click Cancel. You can either restart the synchronize process or close the window.