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  1. Click Insert Tap Command on the vertical toolbar.

  2. Select the cap, elbow, tee, pipe, or other component in which to insert the tap. You must Write permissions for an object to insert a tap for the object you select.

    • You can insert taps on native parts or SIO parts. When you insert a tap on a SIO, the New Pipe Run Dialog displays port properties that you can select and modify. The tap options that display depend on the selections you make in the dialog.

    • The software does not support inserting taps on mating parts.

  3. Select the tap ID in the Option box.

  4. If necessary, select a reference position other than the default. As the cursor moves over each entry in the list, the corresponding position highlights in the 3D model view.

  5. Optionally, type a distance relative to the reference position to place the tap.

    You cannot modify the distance when inserting a tap on a SIO component.

  6. Rotate the tap, if necessary.

  7. Click Finish.