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In certain situations, you might find it necessary to reactivate a change action that has been moved to the Design Complete status. For example, you might need to readjust the 3D model based on changes made during construction that were different from the original design.

  • The following procedure can be performed only if there are no tags on the change action that belong to another change action in the Active, In Review, or Design Complete state.

  • If tags are found with relationships to other change actions, you must resolve the conflicts with the other change actions before reactivating this one.

  1. Select the change action in your To Do List, and then click Actions > Merge.

  2. Click Reactivate.

  3. If no conflicts are found, click OK to confirm your request and begin the reactivation process.

  4. If conflicts are found, click View Conflicts, and review the list of issues that display in the Results: Reactivate Conflicts form. Before you can reactivate the change action, you must address each issue with the applicable change actions.